Learn to mix like a Pro. This podcast is dedicated to making your next recording your best recording. Whether you are a professional recording or mixing engineer, a beginner at recording and mixing, or a home studio enthusiast, Kevin and his team of MixCoachers gives you tips, tricks, mindsets, and stories from years of experience that will help you get the best home and studio recordings possible.

For the last 4 years, MixCoach has hosted an event in Nashville to help our mixers get "experience" in the studio.  In the past, we've hung out Grammy Award winning producers, hit-making recording engineers, state of the art mastering facilities and we have also recorded some of the best musicians that Nashville (or the world for that matter) has to offer.

In this episode, Jon and Kevin talk about the MixCoach Experience Weekend and how it's changed for the better over the years.

Click here to find out more about the MixCoach Experience Weekend.

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